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Health & Hygiene, Customer Case
Dry airways and eyes? We have the solution!

A lot of people experience problems with their airways and dry eyes at their workplace, and sometimes this becomes such a big problem that they have to leave work early or even call in sick. We helped Svea Stålnacke, medical secretary at the Löwenströmska hospital, to get rid of her problems!

When Scander visited Svea's workplace, we quickly realized what she needed help with - the air was simply too poor at her workplace. With the help of our Scander Space Purifier, we clean the air in the room she works in, and with Scander Space Humidifier the air is moisturized to be more comfortable and healthier. 

After this, Svea has no symptoms when she is at her workplace. The rumor spread in the office, and after Svea we also helped her colleagues as they also wanted better air in their workplace! Today they cannot be without our solution, as it has given such good results!

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